Thursday, October 9, 2008

Long Time No Knit!

My God! it seems like forever since I've posted anything on here...okay, okay it has been forever....Its not that I didn't want to but simply that I got rid of my internet for awhile and just never got it back...I still don't have it, I'm using my parents.

I've done lots of knitting while having no internet though! (Part of the reason I got rid of the web was to accomplish more in the physical sense). I've made a few of these wonderful basketweave scarves

I used RedHeart soft in
'Cherry Red'
& I'm going to try it using 2 colours:
'Dark Leaf' & 'Navy'

It knits up so easy, is so pretty and with the lighter yarn its not overwhelming like it would be if I used a heavier one.

You can find the pattern here:basketweave-scarf