Sunday, February 25, 2007

Must Have's

Ok, so as previously stated, I completely stole my layout from AnnyPurls. On her blog, I found Grumperina because I fell in love with a pair of socks they had both knit.

From Grumperina's blog, I went to Annie Modesitt's website (it had to do with the socks) and I've fallen completely in love with 2 of her patterns. They are absolute 'must-haves' for me. The first is called Butter & Jam.

The second is a long coat and I absolutely love the colours!!! Such an amazing article of clothing.
I wish I was creative enough to create such beautiful patterns.

So, I shall purchase the patterns from her site ( you can see the patterns here) and get to collecting the required bits for production.

Yay!!! I love new projects!!!

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