Monday, August 13, 2007

The Latest...

Well....It feels like I've been busy but really, I haven't been. It being the summer, I've been going away to visit family & friends, golfing, going to the beach and reading. BUT, I've also being playing with the look of my blog here, and trying to fix up my website, that I created in memory of my Nana. I'm also venturing into the fabulous world of beading & jewelry. I know, I have a lot of interests on the go...

I miss having needles in my hand, and being that I'm in desperate need for new dishcloth's, I went to my favorite site to get some fun patterns to whip up some new ones. You can visit this site here: Dishcloth Boutique There you will find many wonderful things and they also have a Message board, where everyone is very helpful. The pattern I'm going to start on is on Page 4 in the Knitting patterns section, and its called "King Charles Brocade - 2". I really like the pattern and it should knit up rather nicely.

There's also this cute little pinafore pattern that I found through the message board.
Its made for a teddy bear and I know a little girl who would love to have it for her favorite friend so I'm going to also get to work on that. You can find the pattern for this on Vick Designs Just scroll down until you see the cute bear. The pattern itself is called "Bearly Bare-Ass Dress" (not so crazy about the name...). Vicki has a lot of wonderful designs on her pages as well.

Well, I'm not getting anything done sitting here so I must go and print off those patterns so I can get started on them.

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