Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Conquering DPN's, Newfoundland Mittens & the Interweb

Not having the internet completely sucks! So many times I've wanted to come online and post my latest knitting achievements and couldn't because I have no internet (yeah, I know, I already said that). I finally overcame the difficult task of knitting with 4 dpn's-my late Nana would be so proud. As I'm home for Christmas, and I'm working on a pair of the Newfoundland Mittens (the same ones I had been trying to knit for over a year!) I showed them to my mother and she actually misted up. It was her mother that I try so hard to knit and crochet like (she created the most beautiful things on earth with yarn and crochet cotton)and my mum knows how many years I've spent attempting to accomplish this.

Like the dork that I am, I don't have a pic to show the mittens I've made but trust me, they turned out and continue to turn out beautifully thanks to a tutorial I found on knitting with dpn's. The tutorial is from the Knitter's Review and can be found here

The actual trick that helped me conquer the evil 4 was in the reader comments, where 2 wonderful ladies named Laura & Pat posted the secret that led to my success:

"I have a small tip to add that I find very useful at least for me. I add one (1) extra stitch and when I join together in the round I knit the last stitch together with the first stitch making a tighter join with no additional stitch."
Pat, 4/27/01

"When casting onto DPNs, I cast on an extra stitch. When I go to start my first row, I slide the last cast on stitch onto the left hand needle. I then knit two stitches together, thereby avoiding the loop that is caused by the join."
Laura, 4/27/01

These women saved my knitting future!!! Things clicked once I read these comments and have been a dpns freak ever since!

Another useful tutorial that I found when finishing these mittens was for doing the thumbs. Thanks to A Kitten Knits(a blog by a very experienced knitter & a fabulous read!!!)I actually made thumbs that aren't full of holes and actually fit comfortably when wearing the mitts! YaY Me!

I've also recently knit my first project on a circular needle! I fell in love with a pattern from Knitting Daily and decided to give it a whirl and move into new territory. I made the Ms. Poppins Bag with Redheard Light & Lofty in "Wine". I have to admit that I actually preferred the ws to the rs and so finished the bag with that facing out. It looks incredible and I will post a pic as soon as I remember to take one ;)

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